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The Shift from Physical to Digital

25 September 2019 | by uffaqasghar No Comments

The digital sector is booming, thanks to the new tools and technology that have been introduced over the past couple of years. About a decade ago, the concept of digital payments through apps was alien to the majority; at least in Pakistan. The change in the way people use technology was gradual but definitely visible. 

The diffusion of this new technology can also be explained with the help of the Model of Diffusion. The concept of digital payments was a breakthrough innovation which is slowly (but effectively) cannibalizing physical payments. Of course, this change was not accepted in a day or two – it took many years for people to actually adopt and trust this breakthrough phenomenon. Most of the people belong to the late majority while the rest belong to the early majority. 

While the developing countries gave birth to digital payments first; Pakistan was not slow to catch on. Digital payments are rapidly gaining momentum in Pakistan; though people are still more prone towards paying physically due to trust issues.

Easypaisa, a project of Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank, was introduced in 2009 as an effort to make payments easier for the Pakistani users that were familiar with using technology. It is touted as the third-largest mobile payment system deployment in the world and serves 7.4 million unique users. In August 2016, JazzCash announced the launch of NFC payments for its mobile account users and since Jazz users trust their network, JazzCash has rapidly gained credibility as well. People can also easily use these apps to get discounts on various services. For example, JazzCash provides discounts on restaurants, festivals, tickets, etc. 

Healthpass is a medical service provider – a product of Medicount – that has set a mark in the Healthcare Industry of Pakistan. It has joined hands with easypaisa and JazzCash and is helping people avail discounts on various labs, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. This is a huge step in helping Pakistan becoming a developing country and can also help improve the economic condition.




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