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The Psychology behind Health Care and Discounts

25 September 2019 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

Let’s put you in a situation. You’re sitting on your couch, scrolling down your Facebook timeline when all of a sudden, your phone makes a beeping sound.

“Up to 30% OFF on your Medical Bills at [XYZ Hospital]. Download EasyPaisa or Jazzcash on your Playstore app for free and scan the QR code to avail the discount”

What goes through your head? Would you turn a blind eye to an offer as tempting as this? Even if you did, you’d probably think ten times before doing so.

Now let’s discuss why you would think before deleting that message. The link between health and the psychology behind discounts is stronger than one can probably fathom. Health is a necessity but the price (literally) you have to pay for it can be daunting for many. Even the cost of regular check-ups and lab tests can give you the jitters! In situations like this, you would want to get the best possible offer you can get and up to 30% discount? Perfecto.

This is a domain that Healthpass is working in. Healthpass is a medical service provider that provides discounts on several medical centers all across Pakistan without any sort of discrimination. You could be from an upper-class family or a lower-class family – you’ll get charged the same wherever you go. Healthpass is currently providing 30% off with Easypaisa and JazzCash on different labs, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics and hopes to revolutionize the medical sector by making medical payments cheaper and easier for all.

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Hufsa Munawar

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