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Preventing Coronavirus With Healthpass

2 March 2020 | by No Comments

The most tragic thing in every century happens to be those diseases and viruses that are on severe outbreak but there is no possible cure for them. One such tragedy for this century and this new year; which was supposed to be a happy and healthy new year, is Coronavirus! Nevertheless, there are smart ways through which we can turn the table around this disease and be happy and healthy again. 

For diseases on the loose like coronavirus, scientists have been studying the virus samples and  struggling to invent a vaccine that could save lives threatened by it, but insofar they haven’t been successful in their mission. However, there are a few things that general public can do to prevent coronavirus:

  1. Put great efforts in maintaining hygiene! Especially keep your hands washed and clean all the time and don’t bring them close to your face unnecessarily. 
  2. Use a face mask to keep your mouth and nose covered all the time. Knowing that coronavirus is spreading rapidly, breathing into thin air would be full of risks. However, you should frequently replace your face mask too, since it absorbs allergens and germs, so it could be very unhealthy to use the same mask for days.
  3. Stay home if you feel sick (fever, runny nose, sore throat or breathing issues).
  4. Avoid physical contact with people who have similar symptoms.
  5. Keep your surroundings clean.
  6. Disinfect your hands with sanitizer every now and then.
  7. Do not share things used for personal hygiene, such as toothbrushes, towels, hand soaps and even clothes. The chances of transmitting germs might be higher in such scenarios.
  8. Rush to hospital if you have breathing issues or you feel fatigued. People usually take antihistamines if they face such problems while they are aware of their allergies. But under such circumstances when diseases like coronaviruses are on the loose, we must not take any health-related issues lightly. 
Lastly, always remember you can stay at home and seek healthcare consultation from qualified panel of doctors through Healthpass. Our goal is to keep you healthy and disease-free. So pick up your phone and ring us through our Teledoc app. Stay safe, stay happy.

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