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Pay Digitally, Pay Less – A Guide to Healthpass

18 October 2019 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

You must have seen a 5-year old glued to a tablet or mobile phone – whether be it for playing games or using social media. Yes, you heard us right – social media, as shocking as it may sound. If you look at the other extreme, you’ve probably seen your elderly watching Pakistani dramas on their smartphone as well. In conclusion: using technology isn’t exactly rocket science.

We’re constantly looking for ways to make things easier and cheaper and what better than to have technology as the helping hand? Healthpass is making it easier for people to avail medical services within an affordable price range. With the help of skilled engineers and experienced businesspersons, they have devised a service that gives people the comfort of availing cheaper medical services at several clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and labs. The services that Healthpass provides are available for everyone and are easy to use.

First, you need to download Easypaisa or Jazzcash from your Google Play Store and load cash into your e-wallet via bank transfer, ATM or Jazzcash agent. You can easily locate an agent through the Jazzcash Agent Locator. All you have to do is go to and navigate through quality healthcare facilities in your area. The next step is going to your desired location and paying the merchant through your Jazzcash or Easypaisa wallet and that’s it! Your payment has been made. And also, let’s not forget the best part, you get up to 30% discount on whatever medical procedure you’ve gone through; no matter how big or small.

Payment has never been easier (and affordable). 

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