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New Year’s Resolution? Let’s Love Ourselves!

28 January 2020 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

With the new year comes new responsibilities. Many of them are related to our day to day life, however, one important responsibility is to look after ourselves and our health, since many times we tend to forget about our health, ignore all the health-related issues that pop-up from time to time and continue our struggles with our work and relationships. Hence; we will vow to be very particular about our health in 2020.

Here are a few ideas for new year’s health resolutions:

1- Exercise Regularly

Exercising or meditating regularly casts a very fruitful impact on our daily lives and our health. These two things not only keep us healthy and physically fit on the outside but also refresh our minds and souls. Exercising is one bit and input towards a healthy lifestyle. So we must take out at least ten minutes every day to workout. Ten minutes of exercise and twenty minutes of walking every day are enough. 

2- Eat Healthy

Only exercise isn’t enough to fix all of our issues, it is the healthy diet in combination with exercise that sums up a healthy life. Now that knowledge about a healthy diet is widely available everywhere so there should be no trouble in setting up a healthy yet yummy diet plan. All we have to do is have a strong intention to live healthy and eat healthy.   

3- Drain Your Stress

Stress is like a termite that eats us up slowly all inside out. And honestly, being stressed doesn’t solve any issues. Rather, it only destroys our brain and other body organs. Stress is a disease that is not accepted to be a disease; indeed, it affects us from the hair on our head to the nails on our toes. So, DESTRESS ASAP!

4- Stabilize Your Emotions

Emotional instability and stress go side by side. These two things need proper counseling and treatment in order to get rid of, and we must get stabilized emotionally and mentally in order to fix our routines. Super Tip: Daily walk, some meditation and exercise, and healthy food can help in dealing with stress and emotional instability.

5- Be Thankful

Gratitude is magic! It has the power to turn negative charisma into positive. Be thankful to yourself and to everyone who makes even a tiny effort to help you. It will keep you light and delighted.  

6- Go For Regular Checkups 

Last but not least, keep a close eye on yourself inside out. Make sure there are no hidden issues that are slowly harming you and don’t avoid any signs of illnesses that your body gives you. So, go for regular check-ups.

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