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Look After Your Heart With HealthPass

8 November 2019 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

Our heart holds vital importance in our body, not just because it supplies blood from head to toe but also because it keeps us going and moving on in life. Or else we would have stopped hoping and trying ages ago! That’s why we think it is our utmost duty to look after our hearts and your hearts as well. 

Talking about the health of heart, we know how worthy the heart is and that heart care services are worth a fortune. Going for checkups and treatment of heart-related diseases means a huge sum of money, which is not affordable for every person, of course but the good thing here is that HealthPass never leaves the people in despair!

So keeping in mind the importance of heart health, HealthPass celebrates every day like “World Heart Day” by offering up to 35% discount on healthcare services. This discount is offered in HealthPass registered hospitals and on mobile wallet apps on heart-care and other medical checkups and treatments. So here’s the thing, let us help you in planning how you can look after your overall health and especially the health of your heart. Visit any good hospital you like for a check-up and get up to a 35% discount. 

HealthPass has this motive of making health and medical services cheaper and more convenient for every person on this planet. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life and get proper treatment when required. Let HealthPass look after you. Sehat Mubarik!

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Hufsa Munawar

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