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I think I might have COVID-19. What should I do?

11 June 2020 | by No Comments
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COVID-19 is one of the most serious health threats the world has seen in its recent memory. With the outbreak becoming more and more widespread globally and in Pakistan, we need to be extra careful. However, at the same time it is important to educate ourselves about the measures we should take if we feel like we have contracted COVID-19.

1. Self Isolation

You probably don’t have COVID-19. It can simply be a flu, a cold or an allergy. Irrespective of that, if you feel any symptoms, it is important that you self isolate immediately. Self isolation is extremely important because if you are COVID-19 positive, you can easily transmit the virus. Your family or anyone you interact with or come in close proximity with can contract the virus from you.

2. Wear a Mask

We have had many conflicting views on whether or not masks are effective. However, WHO now confirms that wearing masks actually protects you or others from you under certain circumstances.
– Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing
– Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
– If you are healthy, wear a mask when taking care of a sick person or going out in public spaces.
– In the end, make sure to dispose of your mask properly and not add to the global pollution.

3. Consult a Doctor

We ourselves can be exceptional doctors using information from different sources on the internet. It is always best to consult a professional before you make any decision. The government has launched different helplines and services which can be of help.
– Call the Government Health Helpline – 1166
– Talk to a Government Chatbot
– Contact on Government Whatsapp Telehealth Helpline – +92-300-111-1166
There are plenty of other digital health services which you can use if you want to consult specialists and want expert opinion. Healthpass Teledoc lets you consult not just via audio but also video communication. Sit at home & chat to a doctor through our app

4. Get Tested

If the Govt helpline or the doctor advises you get a test for COVID-19. You should get yourself tested. It is always safe to go that way since their symptoms vary to a great degree among different people. Some people have severe symptoms, while others have no symptoms at all.
In order to get tested you can either visit a government designated healthcare facility.
You can find a list of all “COVID-19 Designated Tertiary Hospitals” (List COVID-19 Designated Tertiary Hospitals, 2020) by the government.
You can also visit a private hospital however, you will have to pay for a test at a private facility. The price can vary from Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 10,000.
Some facilities offering testing services are:
– IDC (Islamabad Diagnostic Center)
– Shifa International Hospital
– Chughtai Laboratories (with home sampling services)

5. Receive Test Results

Hopefully your test results would be negative for COVID-19. However, If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be admitted to the hospital only if you are showing severe symptoms so that you can get appropriate healthcare. If your symptoms are mild, you can self isolate at home. You can find detailed guidelines for “Home Isolation and Discharge Duration” (Home Isolation and Discharge During COVID 19, 2020) by the government.

An important thing to keep in mind is that testing negative is great news. However, it is important that you take the necessary precautionary measures to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.
– Here are some precautions you can take:
– Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds
– Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing
– Use sanitizer when soap and water are not available
– Avoid crowded places
– Avoid contact with sick people
– Stay home, stay safe

We hope that you find this article helpful. Healthpass believes that in these extraordinary times it is the responsibility of every individual to act responsibly and play their part. We are trying to play out part through the Healthpass Teledoc App. You can consult with doctors through our app for as low as Rs. 1!

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