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Importance of having a Good Sleep Schedule

29 July 2020 | by No Comments
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Having a messed up sleep cycle is very common these days. Without a doubt, technology, social media, online gaming and other related new pastimes play a major role in this new norm in our society. Furthermore, it is also considered really cool among the younger generations. While we are having fun staying up late every night, hanging out or just increasing our screen time struggling to sleep there’s something we don’t realize. Staying up late regularly and making it a routine can have some serious health implications. Although we might not feel anything in the short run, it deteriorates our health in the long run (SleepFoundation, 2020)

Importance of Sleep

We usually have a common perception that after we fall asleep, our body just shuts down for a few hours and takes rest. While that might be partially true, there are a lot of things that are happening inside the human body while sleeping. As we sleep, our body performs functions like cellular restoration, improving brain performance and stabilizing emotions to name a few. All the functions being performed have vital health benefits. These functions are compromised if we do not get sufficient sleep and thus impact our health (Healthline, 2020)

Benefits of Sleeping Well

We are not perfect beings and we can have ups and downs which can affect our sleep. However, it is making a habit out of it which is not advisable. Having a good and well managed sleep cycle benefits our mind and body in many ways.

  1. Improved Concentration and Productivity – Sleep boosts our brain functions such as cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. Studies have shown that people who have had sufficient sleep perform better than those who are sleep deprived when carrying out tasks similar in nature. Furthermore, good sleep has shown improved problem solving skills in both children and adults.
  2. Improves Immune Function – Even a minor lack of sleep significantly weakens the immunity. A study showed that people who are sleep deprived are 3 times more likely to get infected by cold or flu compared to those who sleep well. Therefore, having a good immune system depends on your quality of sleep.
  3. Keeps your Heart Healthy – Heart problems like high blood pressure are linked to the lack of sleep. However, the risks of these diseases can be reduced by getting sufficient amounts of sleep.
  4. Improves Mental Health – Lack of sleep can lead to negative thoughts which can turn into a cycle of more negative thoughts and sleeplessness. Staying well rested helps you keep more positive and happy and ensures good mental health.
  5. Reduce Stress – When you are stressed, your body releases stress hormones which can keep you awake. However, having a good sleep has the opposite effect and helps your mind and body relax and reduces stress (Healthline, 2020)

Getting too much Sleep

Although beneficial, just like other things, sleep is good in moderation. Getting too much sleep can also be an issue and create problems. The effects might be similar to those of sleeping too little. Some of the effects can be:

  1. Depression/Mood Swings
  2. Issues Related to Heart
  3. Irritability

However, some other physical and mental health conditions can also be the cause of excessive sleep patterns (Healthline, 2019)

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