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How Fundraising is Paving the Way for Cheaper Medical Care?

22 August 2019 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

With the everyday increase in prices and spending; people in Pakistan have become more money-conscious. We look for discounts, vouchers, coupons and many other ways that can put a halt on making us go broke by the end of the month. It could be anything; saving cash on clothes, on repairs or on medical health – depends on the event or situation.

We’ll be talking more about medical health here since we believe that; that is something that can’t be ignored (even if we want to ignore it). With the rapid increase in technological knowledge, people have become more knowledgeable about different health issues as well. With the help of different search engines, all people have to do is write down their symptoms and they’ll have a series of results in front of them. Therefore, this leads us to increased health-consciousness.

There is a positive relationship between health-consciousness and hospital check-ins. Of course, if you think that you’re medically unfit you’ll be worried and well, next thing you know you, you have your car keys in your hand and you’re putting on your seatbelt. Do you really want to spend so much money on each and every one of your Hospital trips? Probably not.

Healthpass has recently introduced a complementary health support service, namely “Sehat Mubarik”. It is a fundraising initiative aimed at helping people in situations of health-induced financial stress. It can be used by all the users of Healthpass; excluding the Healthpass staff who has made a “Qualifying Payment” for a Covered Fund.

For details of “Qualifying Payment” and “Covered Fund”: follow this link: Sehat Mubarik – Healthpass

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