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Healthpass Gives Away Free Telehealth Calls

8 January 2020 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

To promote its Android teleconsultation app Teledoc Medicount Pakistan is now giving away the first online GP consultation for free to all users. The company encourages the free trial of this novel service even before any actual medical need arises. You can view the app by clicking on the link below:

What is Healthpass & Why Does It Matter?

Healthpass is the retail brand of Medicount Pvt. Ltd., and SECP registered. It is a Free Digital Platform that allows its consumers to find quality healthcare services nearby; pay using mobile wallets and earn instant discounts on every medical payment. Healthpass matters because it aims to promote the e-Health services for patients all around the globe.

In Pakistan, consulting doctors online is still a new concept and Pakistani people aren’t much aware of it. When starting our service late last year, we quickly noticed that people have certain apprehensions about consulting a doctor online. By making the first video call free, we encourage people to just try it out at no risk. The experience is very similar to a normal WhatsApp call and people have had great experiences.

Ideal for Housewives, Senior Citizens, and Remote Places

If you are a Housewife, a Senior Citizen or located in far-flung areas of Pakistan where there are fewer or no health-related services available at all, then TeleHeath facility is ideal for you. You can make worthy use of this facility if you have health issues that you can’t discuss openly, so a live video call with an expert doctor from our panel can be totally confidential yet productive in your own comfort zone. Or if you are not comfortable with video calling, you can simply mute the video, switch to voice call and absolutely maintain your privacy.

Patients are given digital prescriptions at the end of the call. Where follow-up medication, tests or physical consultations are required, Healthpass users can avail them at discounted prices at over 500 medical providers in 10 cities in Pakistan that have partnered with Healthpass.

Upfront Trial Call Recommended – Before Any Ailment Strikes

You can just call us for a free trial. Downloading and registering for the App takes about one minute. Then within 30 seconds, you can get connected to our doctors. Being sick is absolutely no requirement to give our doctors a call. On the contrary, preventive calling is best.  

Calls can last up to 20 minutes. From the second call onwards, consultations with Healthpass GPs are charged Rs. 150 per call. The fee can be conveniently paid in the app via JazzCash mobile money. The app also has the option to avail online consultations from more than 25 specialties such as renowned gynecologists, pediatricians, and psychologists. While the Mobile App is currently available for Android smartphones only, an iOS version is under preparation.

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    Healthpass Gives Away Free Telehealth Calls

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