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Healthpass Celebrates Health Week

12 February 2020 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

Healthpass has taken many initiatives in the past to spread the word for a happier and healthier society. This year too, Healthpass has organized a full fledged health week campaign with the objective of providing huge medical discounts on particular medical checkups and consultations to patients, promoting a digitized healthcare system in Pakistan and setting a benchmark for future healthcare collaborations in Pakistan. 

This Healthpass Health Week has been launched in association with our proud payment partner EasyPaisa and in collaboration with our leading healthcare providers Ali Medical Center, Chugtai Lab and Sind Lab. All three of these providers have been providing notable discounts on various important checkups and tests including:

  • Pathology and Radiology – 35% discount
  • Health panel checkups – 40% discount
  • Anemia test – 30% discount
  • Mammography – 25% discount
  • Dexa scan – 25% discount

This discounted healthcare week is surely an amazing opportunity for patients and customers to get their tests and checkups done while saving a huge sum of money. 

Moreover, Healthpass has another prominent objective behind running such campaigns, and that is; to bring a positive change in the health sector by digitizing the healthcare traditions being practiced since ages and to diversify the medical payment methods by switching from traditional leather wallets to smart and secure eWallets. Healthpass has introduced, for the first time ever, the concept of digital payment of medical bills by scanning QR codes in collaboration with its three payment partners: EasyPaisa, JazzCash and HBL Konnect App. These apps allow the patients to pay their medical bills without any hassle with just one tap on their mobile phone screens.    

For both our providers and partners, Healthpass Health Week is a great opportunity to grab a huge customer base and promote their eminent services country-wide. This campaign will let our partners and providers draw the following benefits out of it:

  • Great promotion of their corporate identities and services
  • Increased footfall (customer base) for each provider
  • Digital and print media hype

Make your availability confirmed today. Visit Ali Medical Center (Islamabad), Chugtai Lab (Lahore) and Sind Lab (Karachi), avail amazing medical discounts and get your checkups and tests done. Pay Digitally Pay Less – With Healthpass!

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Hufsa Munawar

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