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Don’t be your Own Doctor!

7 February 2020 | by uffaqasghar No Comments

As we become more aware of what’s happening around us (thanks to the Internet), we all become increasingly health-conscious. As compared to Baby Boomers and Generation X, Millennials are more technologically aware, which ultimately leads towards them trying to become their own doctors – meaning that they Google their symptoms and find the remedy on their own. As easy and convenient as that may sound, it might not be the right way to go about it. Complications could further ensue from you trying to cure yourself. 

You yourself may not be unfamiliar with the practice of researching and treating your own illness. For example, you might have a stomach-ache that has been bothering you all night. You could either type down your symptoms on Google or you could go to your doctor. While the former sounds much easier; it could have consequences. If search engines were that accurate, what’s the whole point of beating yourself up trying to get a doctoral degree?

Healthpass is a great initiative towards encouraging people to go to certified Doctors. It is human psychology that we are more attracted to less expensive things. You must have seen women go berserk over fashion sales at least once in your life (throwback to all the clothing brands’ sales) or even on all kinds of online sales! Technology is changing and so is the way that we shop. Healthpass has launched it’s Teledoc App to help people from all across Pakistan. It allows people to consult the doctor with the comfort of home, regardless of their age or income group. Awareness of such services can help boost the economy of Pakistan and we can get a happy and healthy Pakistan.

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