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23 August 2019

A Leap Towards better Healthcare in Pakistan!

If you look back to the time when your parents were in their adolescence, they did not own cell phones, laptops or tablets. …

23 August 2019

Which Three Pillars Bring Life to Healthcare?

The advancements we see in the technological sector did not just happen in a day – it is a product of hundreds of …

22 August 2019

How to Pay Medical Bills Without Your Wallet?

Your best friend is getting married next month. You’ve spent a lot of money on shopping for clothes and accessories. Next thing you …

22 August 2019

An Easier (and Cheaper) Way to Pay Your Medical Bills!

What would you prefer more? Always carry your wallet with you or having the ease of paying your bills electronically? That probably depends …

22 August 2019

How Fundraising is Paving the Way for Cheaper Medical Care?

With the everyday increase in prices and spending; people in Pakistan have become more money-conscious. We look for discounts, vouchers, coupons and many …