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Best Telehealth Provider of Pakistan – Checklist

22 April 2020 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

It’s interesting to see the evolution of Digital systems in Pakistan with an emerging number of Healthcare companies popping up to offer Telehealth services in the country, following the tragic CoronaVirus crisis. 

Since the start of the CoronaVirus crisis, each one of us has seen multiple names pop up on our social media newsfeed, encouraging us to to speak to DOCTORS ONLINE!

These telehealth companies offering online medical consultation have not only played a vital part in utilizing the healthcare professionals sitting idle at home due to lockdowns but have also helped patients in getting the best medical advice from the comfort of their home, without any physical contact. 

However the real question is, what makes a Telehealth company a Good One. Team Healthpass has gathered all the necessary criteria that patients are using to select the best healthcare provider for them. 

We Also Evaluated Ourselves – Healthpass Teledoc!

It is important to mention here that we also evaluated Healthpass Teledoc on these criteria & we are happy to announce that we fulfill most of the requirements and are working around the clock to also tick the rest of boxes that are unchecked till now. Stay tuned to find out our analysis for ourselves!

Here are the top most important questions you should ask whilst selecting the best Healthcare service suitable for you!

Very Important – Must Asks

Are all the doctors certified?
This is absolutely necessary. A good way to check this is to look for PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) registration numbers on the doctor’s profiles for this service which shows that doctors have the license to operate. It typically looks like this: 12345-P. You can also externally verify it on the PMC website.

Do I get a report and e-prescription after the call?
What’s the point of having a medical consultation if you can’t get legitimate prescriptions for getting medications or follow up tests? Only book consultations with platforms that offer this service. An e-prescription is valid in Pakistan if it shows the PMDC number for a doctor.

How affordable is their service?
Check the price! Is the Telehealth provider providing you a service that you can afford? Additionally, it is also important to explore whether there are any hidden charges involved such as registration fee etc?

What are the payment options for booking?
The more payment options a Telehealth provider offers, the more they care about their users & the larger their audience set is likely to be . Find the payment options on their website or platform to ensure you can pay for your consultation.

How long has the “Telehealth” platform been live for?
Choose a platform that has been live for at least 6 months. This ensures that the telehealth provider has tested the market & is experienced in providing this service rather than a new provider who is still in the learning phase.

Important – Good to Ask

How user-friendly is their appointment scheduling system?
You don’t want to spend hours understanding how to book an appointment. The more user friendly an appointment system will be, the higher the chances of a smooth successful appointment as well.

Do they have the option of Audio & Video calls?
It is absolutely necessary to have both audio & video options for online consultations. This is important because a visual connection is necessary for a better understanding between the doctor and his/her patients resulting in better diagnosis. 

Does the platform offer a wide selection of doctors?
This question helps us see how understanding the Telehealth provider is in accepting that different patients have different requirements. Check for male & female doctor ratio, number of consultants on board & what specialities the platform is offering. This also helps in evaluating the credibility of the Telehealth provider.

Do they offer online ordering of medicines and lab tests after the call?This is a great service offered by some telemedicine platforms that allow you to place orders for your prescriptions and get them delivered to your home, all through the platform itself. Isn’t that amazing? Keep a lookout for such features offered by Telehealth that will make this user journey a lot easier for you and your loved ones. 

Can I select a doctor or is it preselected for me?
Many of us are particular about what doctor we speak to. If this is something you are also cautious about, be mindful of the platform you are using & check whether you have this option or not.

Can I see Doctor ratings by users on the platform? 
This is a great way to monitor how users rate this platform & select doctors that have amazing ratings. We won’t lie, this is something even the traditional doctor ecosystem does not provide & is a great way to get medical consultations with the most popular doctors!

Somewhat Important – Can be Asked

What other partners does this company work with?
Check for information related to partnerships for your Telehealth providers. The more the merrier!
This will help you form trust in the platform you will be using to get your medical advice & likely ensure a great service as well.

We hope that these questions help you select Telehealth providers that work best for you & ensure that your medical consultation experience is smooth and comforting! These are some questions we answer for our patients at Healthpass Teledoc to ensure that our service is the best for our users. 

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