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A Leap Towards better Healthcare in Pakistan!

23 August 2019 | by Hufsa Munawar No Comments

If you look back to the time when your parents were in their adolescence, they did not own cell phones, laptops or tablets. They did not have as many transport facilities as we do now. Job opportunities were not as good as they are these days. Proper medication and medical care were not available to them. If you belong to a desi family, you probably must have heard (at least once in your life) your parents say: “When we were your age, we didn’t even know what a cellphone was” or “People these days live a long life. Back in our times, people didn’t even live long enough to see their 50s because we didn’t have proper medicines”. Familiar, right?

The times have changed. Of course, it took time for times to change but if you compare now to then; there’s a stark contrast. The 21st-century kids have it much easier than their parents did. We want the newest model of cell phones, the concept of traveling by foot sounds like a waste of time and we can send in our job applications with just the click of a button. Apart from all of this – our neverending whining when we’re sick and don’t have the proper medicine is an everyday story.

When we talk about the healthcare industry, it started off as a process of trial and error and has evolved over the years. We had home remedies which were passed on by our ancestors to us. It was in the 19th century that we started seeing more biological and chemical advancements in the medical industry. Moving on to the 20th century – technology made an appearance; subtle, but still there. Doctors initiated prepaid payments, foreshadowing the medical insurance and administration field that is in place today.

Fast forward to today. We can wire money to our doctors through our mobile phones, Google the treatment for our illnesses, consult doctors online and whatnot. Disruptive technologies regarding medical health first emerged in developing countries such as the States. These technological advancements have seeped their way into Pakistan as well. Healthpass is a product of Medicount Ltd. aimed at revolutionizing healthcare payments. It provides up to 30% discount on various medical centers and has collaborated with Easypaisa and JazzCash to make medical billing easier for consumers. This is a revolutionary change and a leap towards better healthcare in Pakistan. 

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Hufsa Munawar

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